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Follow the advice of the Move Dynamics Relocation Guide and make your move easier. This comprehensive document provides information you need to know to about what to expect and how you can best prepare for a smooth and trouble free move. Download this brochure in PDF format, print and refer to it throughout your relocation. Naturally, your Move Manager is also available to support you at any time.

Inside the document you'll find detailed information on the following:
Your Relocation Contact or Move Manager
Your Move Manager is your personal contact and support throughout your relocation no matter where your destination may be.
Removal Inventory and Pre Move Survey
Removal Inventory and Insurance forms are available from this web site.
Your Preparation Checklist
This simple checklist that will assist in your preparation to move all household items
This section of the document will inform you about property covered, Insurance coverage, Exclusions and General Conditions
Packing Day
Depending on the size and location of the move often the majority of personal effectes are packed by the moving company on the day prior to removal. Your Move Manager will discuss these options with you.
Removal Day
Depending on the difficulty of access to your residence, and the quantity of items to be moved, your removal team will consist of two or three people, taking an average of six to eight hours to complete loading.
Delivery Day
The moving company will contact and advise you of the estimated time of arrival of your consignment and delivery team.
After Delivery
In this section of The Relocation Guide we ask that you complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey and return it to us so that we can measure the performance of individuals involved in your relocation.
Reminder list of "Things To Do"
A reminder checklist of tasks that are easily overlooked during a relocation.
Items that Cannot be Moved
A list of items that cannot be packed or moved by the moving company
International Airfreight Guide
A guide specifically for International Airfreight (see below).
International Airfreight Guide
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